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Friday, May 11, 2012

May Flowers and Spring Showers

Just minutes ago I sent my Mister to the airport and he's flying back to London. This time he stayed for more than one month, unusually long time if you ask me. The most important thing now is to get this exam period over with . There's only three weeks left and then I'm also off to England. Not sure if it's possible for me to return before January, we'll see. 
Yesterday we went to cinema and saw "Sound of Noise" - my Mister's future on the movie-screen. The day before that we just chilled...the time with him was rather lovely.

Here I managed to take a picture with the world famous producer. OMG! (When he plays, girls are throwing panties at him):

The celebration - the snow has melted. My emotions are outrageous:

Desperately trying to show that it's warm without jacket, but it's really hard to fake it, when your body is all frozen:

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