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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Treff + ERKI + liquid dinner

The whole weekend has been a lie - I truly had a plan to study, but whatevz. I was too caught up with  me having a good time and couldn't have had it any other way. My friend Karl was back in town and we did a little birthday celebration and visited Treff performances. As usual this all meant drinking before, after and during the performances.
The next day was ERKI and a lot of fiishon. 

He is like: "Stop sending me those fan letters!":

The most hipsterish underground (literally) place I have seen a play performed. 
Bastion tunnels, scared the shit out of me:

The evening was quite cold so I went to EKA to borrow some clothes. 
Estonian design to the max:

Musumägi had some very kissable cheeks:

As you see Karl is wasted:  

Stick your tongue out like you just don't care:

I'm showing my drinking muscle and he is like "Bitch, please! That ain't a muscle":

Cute babe:

 She is happy, because she has collected some bottles (in her bicycle basket). That's how we get rich:

"Viitsid vä?"

On our way we listened French rap and we got our swagger on:

The difference of being 14 and 21 is that you sit inside the Hell Hunt not out in the park:

In the night the Treff tent had a school-disco with all the classics. "Suusabaasis on tantsupidu..":

Someone has been to Morocco and it shows:

Theatre people, hippie people.

We danced at my upper secondary school. I didn't hold back!:

This time it was ass down and face up:

The next day was ERKI, but I did like seven pictures all together. We have elu.24, so why bother. 

The most important for me! Triin and her outfits + My Mister and his music (see the last post that I did)

Model is worried, maybe she had left the iron on:

Triin hates colours:

I was like super proud over Triin and she is a killer!:

Too much fiishon, finally I left with a headache, because it was too much:

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