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Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Stockholm and Amsterdam flashback.

Let's finally wrap up the trip to Western-Europe. I flew to Amsterdam via Stockholm and stayed there for a day:

Met with Vilja, who lives in a fancy-pancy neighbourhood:

We had a cute breakfast: 

The most loveable thing in Sweden is that rich people don't build big castles, but build sweet houses instead, just like in a Lindgren's book:

Cute doggie alert!:

I'm so ready to move to Stockholm in this fall:

I was like really hungry, when I saw this. It was mocking me really bad:

Imagine, how I crawled there to get these flower pictures:


Long live the Swedish bun:

Monki is my mistress:

Kungsträgården a.k.a. Centrum in bloom:

Very important, it was 2PM:

Riksdag a.k.a. parliament:

Zoom in and zoom out:

Somewhere back there is Gröna Lund, which I adore very very much. Thrills!:

What is this, I don't even...

Stockholm has the most beautiful underground stations:

And then I arrived at Amsterdam.
I've been there as much I've been to Helsinki (wow!):

The bicycle

You know you're in Amsterdam, when you see this...:

Göörl, if you go out to a club, you put your flirt heels on!

These flower and bicycle combos everywhere are so surreal that it's not even funny anymore: 

The centre of Amsterdam, the Dam square. Back there is the Royal Palace, nice view the Queen has:

Another city, another Monki. It really pops out!:

Halla, I live in 366 Ro...never mind, you know that you're in the right place when you see a bunch of flowers everywhere. You can't really miss it:

Colourful and gayful town:

The coolest bench I've ever seen:

Even the ground is joyful and flirty:

Estonia has fewer bikes all together than in one parking-lot in Amsterdam:

Next year Reggie should live on a boat. PLAN!:

Yes, everyone had a bicycle: 

And great respect I had (this sign should come with joints and space-cakes):

When you have cycled enough, you level up and gain a motor:

Usual, no biggie:

Hello, hello. Reggie and Jake were the chosen ones with a Mac, Dave is just sad:

"Bitch, pleaaasssee":

She acts all tough and cool, like a fashion nerd should be, but she has her softer side:

Family AMFI had a lovely home with a tiny backyard:

"Funny that you should ask. They are Lanvin slippers":

This is where the magic happens:

The hardest thing about going out is not the hangover, but to pick what to wear:

I wanted to take the lamp with me, but it was truly hard to get that into my suitcase:

She is ready! Funny thing is that she has this outrageous style and I have this hello-I'm-six-years-old-and-I-bloody-love bows. Ying and yang freak show.

Click on it. Click. Click. Click.

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