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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boddika at Slakthuset

People living in my house are really fun and genuinely lovely people, but our music-taste differs a lot. And I mean a lot. My neighbour, who listens metal, thinks that Boddika is a type of sweets or something.Therefore, nobody was eager to come with me on Friday. At moments like these I understand it's a blessing that Ott is also living here. So we went together and even my Icelandic neighbour came with us.

The party was at Slakthuset, which is the meat-packing district, with only warehouses around. Felt like London for a sec.

 The evening began on the 6th floor, as usual:

Ordinary vodka is our thing:

Mandatory work-like-Tyra Banks-in-an-elevator picture

Monika had his boyfriend from Poland visiting (lucky bastards, cant wait until Kaur is coming)

Daniele doesn't drink often, but then he tried vodka and approved:

The night when Sven was carried home. Good, when you have a great support system:

Then we all split up and I went to Slakthuset with Ott and his friends
Here we are with Anna. Myspace angle win:

ICElandic girl was cold:

We were almost the first ones who arrived there.
Group pictures and sober eyes:

Get down, get down:

The scary toilet-door:

If you're high, these lamps are making you nervous;

We found some Lidingö people there, Anna is really surprised about that:

anonymous boy:

We weren't the only ones on the dance-floor anymore:

He's the ridiculously handsome guy. Like Barney (from HIMYM), who doesn't have single shitty picture. Annoying:

We're discussing how we miss our friend Harri and his never-will-I-pay attitude:

Ott really likes to dress up warm. Even in a club.

The dip God himself - Boddika:

Oops, too low...

...now let's take it one more time, so the faces are showing:

Hairy guy also approves:

This is not Boddika, but I just can't forget when I heard it at Boiler Room
It brings back good memories "Massive, innit"
This song is how I felt on Friday:

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