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Friday, October 12, 2012

♚ ♚ ♚

My lessons at uni have started! I am owning my Chivalry in the Middle Ages course, poems in Scots are no problem for me. The most bizarre thing about all this is that groups are never bigger than fifteen people, this makes Tallinn University mass-lectures just ridiculous. Lessons are like seminars, therefore I am wondering how the actual seminars look like.
Kaur is coming soon. Ivan promised to come soon. Laura is coming in November and Triin is here 2013. My grandfather is going to Estonia next week and bringing me all the goods, because I am not visiting Estonia any time soon. Maybe in summertime, it could be quite nice. But just come over and let's drink wine and talk about Estonian government's electricity investments, independence of Scotland, Nobel prize or Jersey Shore. My door is open.

Pictures are linked with my walk around the island and also visiting my grandfather. Over and out

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