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Monday, October 29, 2012

Day out around Stockholm

I feel like a proper local here, which means I seldom go through Centralen, mainly I try to avoid that place as much as possible. But on Friday, I made an exception. The day looked like this: me trying on dresses and he approving/disapproving. Thrift stores. Warm cafe-house. In the evening Moderna Museet to where the Lidingö family also joined. 

Shameless self-portrait at Topshop.
 I tried to be too Petite and my lady-parts did not fit in, so the dress did not come home with me:

Next stop Monki. He is not that impressed:

Bright boy:

Thrift shop. For me it mean's clothes for him it means vinyls:

As you know weather is a wanker, some hot chocolate needed:

Ulla, Egon and Gösta trolled their friend Hans, like he has never been trolled before. It's good when you get a Facebook account and your friends are trying to find you more friends around Stockholm. That's love:

Stockholm underground is bloody amazing!:

On our way to Moderna museet I took this casual Royal Palace photo
 #tourist orgasm:

Proper modern art exhibition - deer, cockatoo, VAGINA (bigger than others, the whole wall was covered), guns, Lady Gaga etc:   

Caroline is like WTF:

Lady Gaga (Ian *fap*fap*fap*):

French girls really like to smoke:

I would like my lips to glow in the dark:

First it was a mess, then there was swastica:

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