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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Party with engineers at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

  On Friday it was Melissa's turn to invite us over. Usually they have good parties at KTH student housing and we did not have to be disappointed. Can't remember my way back home, but I came there with a boy, so great success.
Who? When? Why? Where? It actually doesn't matter, because this picture makes me laugh hard:

Everything started so innocent:

If they offer you true German beer, you will not refuse:

Cultures around the world - we were discussing India and Pakistan relations alongside with moslem life in Stockholm:

Arrr, arrr Halloween is everywhere:

Then Ott , Lucas and Filippo came. 
Intoxicated much?:

One moment we went upstairs to a Halloween party, to where we weren't invited. We crashed in, broke a few things, put our music on and jumped around. Then we left as misteriously as we arrived: 

Wrist pumping:

Ott and his hat:

Fierce dancers and a nose:

We killed the sign. It was a cold-hearted murder:

Like the bus-driver said to drunken Sven one day "Drunk people are not sexy people, remember it."
We proved him wrong:

I like to make him laugh:

Others, who didn't know us:

The train:

Friday makes us happy:

Estonians now good dance-moves:

Then we said goodbye to Melissa and Michael. We thought we are going home, but near KTH there was a party that we could not resist. Party crash nr 2:

"Who are these guys?"
It's good they did not call the police, we tried to annoy all the girls there: 

Me at Östermalstorg. The last zip. Vagabond commercial. Can't remember:

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