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Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to Dress Well at Färgfabriken

On Wednesday a special someone came from London to visit me and in the evening we had a very special event to go to - How to Dress Well at Färgfabriken. I had bought the early-bird tickets, sadly my other friends had not and the event was sold out, thus I had a romantic date with the special boy only. The room was full of candles, so it fitted quite nicely. And maybe my question was answered - how to dress well, then?
Cold nights demand for proper warm-up 
(probably one of the best ciders in Sweden):

Sometimes I have a staring competition with my tits:

"If I would be a lesbian" moments:

Next alcohol recommendation - probably the best Australian wine:  

My personal DJ-boy in the ray of light:

To dress well, you need to buy these How to Dress Well shirts:

 How to Dress Well sounds on the records like his voice is heavily processed, but bloody hell, he actually sounds like that in real life:

Violins and people sitting on chairs and clapping, classy as fuck:

Probably the best musical-orgasm I have had:

Probably the most romantic date I have ever been to:

OMG - jummel trummel:

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