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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Update together with rugby and anthems.

So, well I can finally return to my Stockholm life. The first steps here were quite depressing, because of the lack of sunlight and tonnes of snow. Ordinarily I would not whine about these things, but I guess England switched me to spring mode. 

Surprisingly I have classes to attend now and I stop by at uni almost three times a week. That's, like, a lot! The Image of Viking Age and Swedish History of Ideas -  the latter actually goes together with my curriculum. 

Also I am planning to go to Estonian after my seven month absence. My other half is playing at Tallinn Music Week, which gave me the reason to return to my sweet loveable Eastern Europe. I am looking forward to the ending of March.

Maybe you have recollections of running shoes, that I got for Valentines day? Basically they are serving me well, I picked up sports after three years or something. My scary Finnish neighbour took me to play Badminton and now all my muscles hurt like a bitch. Keeping up the good work
I did not only move myself like a normal human-being, but I have started to enjoy watching sports with my friends at a cosy little Irish pub. I will show you, how I sat together with two Englishmen and like twenty Frenchmen in a same room, while Eng- Fra rugby game was on. 
tl:dr - High as a kite. My emotions right now:

Shameless timer picture with my friends in the background:

In that moment ze Frenchmen were rather pleased, but it was rather enjoyable how they eventually got their ass kicked by the English team:

Me, Ott, two Englishmen and all the rest were French:

God save the Queen:

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