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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Refreshing myself with Vanja + Bye-bye Ian

All the important stuff has been said and now comes super mega mix.
Before heading to Positivus, I had some days and nights together with Vanja, Ian and Reggie. 

Maybe my mind is 'to the left, to the left', 
but it is silly how sexual a pink bicycle can be:

Vanja is the king of ciders:

I am sure he is still not satisfied with the outcome:

Prosta Glamour on a park bench:  

He is moving now to Gröningen, but this picture will be on his wall to remind the good old days:

"I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm a choo-choo train"
Tallinn Town Hall at its glory:

Everybody's leaving Estonia and moving away. Whatevs, see if I care *cries a little*.
Now it's Ian's turn to go to London and study hard. Find a job, buy three dogs and get rich.

"Mmm, the last breath of homeland":

Luckily all living abroad will come back for the summer.
Miss Amsterdam and Miss Copenhagen:

The young and the restless:

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