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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Kuru Plirr 2013

The festival season for us started with Positivus and ended, like always, with Kuru
No pic, no proof = Kuru 2012  and Kuru 2011. We really do not like breaking the tradition, new things intimidate us. 
This year I should say big up to the organisers, because it was better thought through than ever. Never mind the toilet fairy, who provided toilet paper all the time. Festival heaven. Yes, I rate places with an eye on how comfy it is to pee.  

Once my dad bought a car that his ex-girlfriend could practise driving. Since then it has been pretty much standing in the garden, being a cool place to put things into. For Kuru 2011 we borrowed the Nissan and have done it ever since, despite the tonne of rust and things falling off. At least it had a cassette player, that is enough.
Two anonymous girls sitting on the back seat with Paula. The beginning of our trip:

Our tent has served me ten years and it is almost time for retirement.
Always friends help us to erect it with good hope:

Paula flew back to Copenhagen basically on that day, but nobody wants to miss Kuru, 
so she still made it:

It was a great surprise that my Golden Ladies and Gentlemen came also. 
Straight from a canoe trip, ready for the forest:

Chill out lounge. 
Zin Zen Win:

"A где праздник?" - "здесь, в сенном сарае?"

House music turned into Barn music:

Happy trio:

Sam in need is a good Sam indeed:

The awkward stalkers:

Hand up those who have been meaning to eat more salad:

Things at night:

New quality standard - Rando approval:

Kersten voice "Misasja!?" is in my head.
The guy with Moeviin always nearby:

The next day the weather was killing us softly, thus we had to find a swimming place. We were lost several times and found some other cars wandering around the forest. 
Wanderlust all the way:

We accidentally found it. 
Very romantic place, with beautiful people.
I was of course sitting by the shore, because water is scary shit:

To have a cigarette in the cold water = bliss:

In the daytime it is a sports camp, in contrary to the nighttime, when it has nothing to do with healthy lifestyle:

Valge Klaar õues mängimas:

Until there are friends, music, Moeviin and Vytautas - Earth is a good place to live on:

I like to sit in the dark corners and watch people:

This year's Kuru mascot:

I shit you not, but it is just glorious when you fill the bubbles with cigarette smoke.
Pure magic! (warning, this might make you dizzy):

Adventure Time!

He wears the shirt once a year:

"My idea of paradise is that period just after sunset or before the sun rises and I’m listening music and everything is flowing. I pray that the sun won’t rise so I could do it forever. That’s my ideal time. ":

X marks the spot, they say, where the treasure lies,
But it marks not these spots here in front of my eyes.

Niko live:

Sunday called "Only the brave" day:

Every year:

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Jamie said...

Hey! I just found this post while searching for pics from this event. I was there as well and your pictures capture it so well! Glad to have found your blog!