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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Now I got some new pictures to show, just I have been so damn tired to load them up. Because the time that is left from work and school, I like to spend under my blanket sleeping. Therefore, I have serious issues with time management and social life. Not really eager to talk with people nor cuddle someone else except my pillow.
Like today, I left home for work before my Mister got home from a night out. New level has reached!
Fuck it, I rather be busy than whining about the weather (which is rather warm for October)

This picture takes us one month back, Ott's final days in Estonia before going back to UK.
Must Puudel and relaxing friend zone:

Never have I ever seen Ott smile so wide.
(I bloody miss him):

We occasionally get together with Triin to go shopping. Usually we wear black and talk smack how stupid everything else is. 
Memmed hoos!:

My neighbour in Sweden could say only one sentence in Dutch:
"Oh, mother, look what a beautiful leaf!":

Last flower blossoming in my garden. 
Presumably frozen:

I don't know what it is,
 but time after time I lay on the ground in my garden, making leaf-angels. 
The view:

We were babysitting Steffy for three weeks - 
she was the reason for moving my ass everyday, because I cannot say No! to that face.
"Takeh mi forr a walk, pliiz!":

Berry nice!:

There was a unicorn behind this bush, 
but it got away just in the last minute:

Oh, and this funny story.
That is to say - my weird and probably very rich neighbour seems to have bought himself a Jaguar.
 "A fancy car?" you ask, NOUP! a chromium plated jaguar. 
Probably a drunken visit to eBay:

Edgariaania from a safe distance:

"Tuli neiu ühelt poolt ja hakkas kiva loopima":

The whole post is about everything else than the usual - vodka shots:

She is not living with us anymore, the house feels so empty
and I feel so grumpy:

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