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Friday, October 18, 2013

The silence and between. Blast from the past.

Lately I've been a rather passive photographer. Anyways, to kill the silence, I'll show the blast from the past that I found on my back-up drive. 
Have YOU done back-up recently? Check, check - double check.

Mia and Ester in Tartu, another primitive theatre camp:

"Seitseteist kiimas naist, kes pole ammu saanud...tütütüü" (Estonian pop song)
I was 17 and running towards the church. 
At the time, I would have bursted into flames when walking into a church. 

Loco Poco.

Last school day in the 10th grade, who-am-I-kidding-ghetto: 

I kissed a lot of tiny boys then, 
very embarrassing: 

I was here, there and everywhere:

My then boyfriend had the cutest dog. I do not recon his/her(?) name and it was like only five years ago. Depressing. What am I going to do at the age of 80, when I have remember things from 50 years ago?:

My rooftop and I in year 2009:

Still is my favourite place - Haapsalu.
Probably one of the first legal drinks I bought at the age of 18:

I cannot talk about these pictures while not mentioning my then boyfriend. He took almost all the photos, because he had more cameras than I had socks. Actually I am truly grateful that I have these pictures to look back on, few years from now I only have insta pictures from year 2013.

Gang bang. 
Only one couple has managed to fuck life and stay together (I guess):

Sexy hipster moments on the grass:

Nothing has changed here, we still drink together and stay up all night.
"Theatre camps by night":

Theatre camps the morning after - hangover much?:

Karl, sa vana parm:

youthful - qualities that are typical for a young person:


In Lithuania.
Bitches be crazy and this is how we ride:

My fringe looks like I did it while drunk:


Big bird in Latvia:

The Cross mountain in Lithuania is so powerful. 

Sand in my crotch: 

Seems like I had a boobjob that year, they look enormous (on my scale). 
Where are they now? Kes vastutab?!:

Summers at grandfather's place in Stockholm.
 Endless shopping and teenage activity:

I never ever took the bus, my grandfather picked me up every day.

Natural smile - veins bursted the next moment:

I ignored gravity quite often:

This is so beautiful, pure love...
...vodka I mean (to be clear):

"Hips don't lie":

Yoga was not popular then, Star Wars and the force was:

Still think it is the hottest photo of me making out,

Still think it is the hottest photo of them making out:

L.V. forever:

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Memories! Siukseid postitusi on rohkem vaja. puss och kram