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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Espirit together with Ott. Extra kicks.

Espirit and his good friend Ott have had a set of good decisions for the future. Some, like competing in a bicycle marathon, have not come out as planned and others, like "let's improvise with music in my garden house", grew bigger than expected. 

I am and have always been in a difficult situation, when it comes to evaluating Espirit's music, or at least others think I could not possibly be objective. Supposedly feelings (and I have a loooot of them) kill the brain, nevertheless I am so proud to see him grow and try out new things. Also I couldn't be happier to see Ott supporting him and enjoying it to the max. (I wish the world peace)

"Private kind of happiness" is so 2010, also he has played it live only twice and both times were forced. It has a different story and time. *kiss-kiss-hug-hug-öak*
Now back to that Saturday and Hetk.
 I was there earlier, because I was way to curious to see them preform. Actually Kaur almost lived at Ott's place for two weeks. Every night I felt that someone came to sleep next to me, I did not check although I hope it was Kaur...

Whenever someone asks me "What does Kaur do?"
 then I say "He is pushing ze buttons":

Girls think that Kaur's joke was funny, but Juss is nooooot suuuurrreeeee:

Ott's horny friend:

Ready, set, GO!:

Friends' support is bloody awesome 
(Trammi has seen something that cannot be unseen)

Ze romance:

Kount Mimbie:

Melissa even recorded the event, not sure how it came out, 
but in the end of the post you can find the sound recording:

I had to be at work the next morning at 8am, therefore I went to Trammi's place.
I lost my Tallink taxi virginity (hence the face):

A little recording that Kaur absolutely hates, because of the shitty quality. I haven't studied music technology and for me it sounds just fine:

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