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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tops with T-Lo and Hunt with K-Ur

Another set of pictures that really don't go together, but fuck the system.
Since my Mister is working in a studio, working with the sound side of video and film, then I have the chance to go to cinema more often than once a year. Yes, my list of "films I have ever seen" grew from two to three. "Titanic", "Home alone" and now "Planes". Quality over quantity!

Then one Friday Triin and I took some vodka shots, which was a rather big thing, as we are complete teetotallers. She was. I was. Long time ago.

K-Ur at Hell Hunt. 


When a black person, walking in the night, seems like he or she is without a head, then Triin, completely dressed in black is just a floating head:

Tops. Ühe Õhtu Kvartett:

Favourite bar with extra large vodka shot glasses , that look like a flower vase:

My head is an animal although Triin is always mastering her human side:

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