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Monday, October 28, 2013

Tour d'ÖÖ XVI - season ender ride

Since I celebrated my coming back to Estonia with Tour d'ÖÖ, I also had to end my summer with it. I still think it was a big accomplishment to cycle 62km in October, never-mind the crash I managed to get into. But everything in order:

Instead of Steffy there was a walrus in my garden:

Grandmothers were discussing the last episode of Õnne 13,
I was so eager to jump in, because the "Mare never forget 2013 accident:

Lampryis Noctiluca:

In the middle of Nõmme I tested my brakes and they failed miserably, so I collided with Virgo's bicycle. My head got massive incoming with wicked tunes and was aching the two next days.
Luckily Pärna is so funny that in the end I had a smile on my face:

Then a massive magnet appeared and sucked all the bicycles away:

Magnet was so strong, 
but Kaur's loves his new hipster bike and was holding on as he could:

Virgo has the power:

Suddenly a wild Liisa appears and makes a duck-face:

Our romantic way back home. 
30sec exposure and Tallinn:

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