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Friday, January 03, 2014

2013 from June to December

In the last episode I covered first half of the year, now I continue with June.
My year 2013 
This chapter is called "Moving back to the East side" 
Better pictures, better camera.

June began with a joint and pesto sandwiches with these guys behind Telliskivi warehouses. 
Classic party warm up.

Summer was so on and clothes were unnecessary.
New trains flashed every other minute behind us (mind-blowning):

Everything was new in June.
Mihkel made me Instagram account and I started wearing my fringe up. Life changing events!
My first ever insta picture:

Then I went to Tartu to Kink Konk's funeral. 
I should really control my emotions while attending a funeral:

My home is such a beautiful place. I GOT TEARS IN MY EYES!
Minu kodumaa!

Among many people, Ott came back home for the summer. 
Since he is like an athlete or something, he drag me to his football matches.
Considering my health level, I sat on the bench and drank beer. 
Win-win situation I would say, although his team lost quite a lot. 

I would like to paint an illusion that I was super busy, useful and forward stepping during the summer,
buuuuuuuut I wasn't:

In the end of the June Mari-Liis graduated and again I had the reason to go to Tartu. 
We sat on the rooftop and drank wine. 
Dangerous romantics we are:

Graduation season was so on.
At Ian's graduation ceremony his Armenian grandmother 
cried like North-Korean people at Kim Jong Il's funeral:

We were regularly relaxing at the Shire with Frodo:

Then came the holiest holy day possible - the Midsummer's Eve.
My friends and I took our tents and went camping at a beach near Loksa. 
Never-mind the food poisoning I got and a drunk fisherman, who got lost at the sea -
it was still so a great time:

The theme of Midsummer was 
"Finns on the ferry drinking Gin and tonic and speaking gibberish"

The garden of Kultuurikatel was the place of summer 2013.
Sun was always up, like literally, I love my North pole country. 
No sleep whatsoever. 

Ott had nice time, girls flew from the sky into his lap:

In July we packed our bags and flew back to London.
A bitch called the Hea Twave was mocking us bad:

Meeting Hipster Einstein in the park
She started working at a Science magazine, oh the talks:

I'll just leave this sleazy summer picture here. Thank you.

More famous door then 10 Downing Street:

Actually we went to London to end a very expensive academic chapter in Kaur's book.
The biggest achievement in my family 2013 - Kaur got a bachelor degree.
Smart meets beautiful:

"Yo, where's the closest KFC?"

Shortly after the graduation ceremony.
Fuck this shit, just eat:

We left UK, with massive suitcases, because Kaur moved back to Estonia. yay!
Time to chill again and Vanja took me out on a train ride:

Also we rearranged our bedroom.
A party was in order.
All the fans were there:

Latvia  has one great thing and that is festival Positivus.
Connecting neighbours:

It was a bit windy.
Not to self - buy a new tent before the next festival season:

"Tired and afraid to go to the toilet" - describes the festival atmosphere quite well:

All the hippies that saw the XX.

Next stop Kuru Plirr festival.
There wasn't any point to pack our tent together, since it was in constant use:

Kaur performed there and on the next picture he was covered with panties:

Dirty people trying to find water in the woods. Hopeless, yet amusing:

After two weeks living in a tent and not washing yourself, 
we needed to be human again:

July always ends with a bang.
My dear friend Patsy Karl, had a birthday: 

The best hangover cure is the nature. 
Let the bugs and the sun do its job:

The beginning of August is difficult time for my liver -
it's the season of birthday parties that never end:

Then Ott's sister had a fashion label launch. 
Four Tet, vodka shot and tanned Snookies:

I was so tanned, that when I look at the mirror now (in January), 
I'm not sure if I'm sick or already dead:

Ping-pong at Ott's place.
His dog is bigger than Epp:


In August, yet again, I went to Tartu.
Kät won the second place at Tour d'ÖÖ trek ride - the surprise act of 2013:

Then came Ott's birthday 
and the surprise we made to him was the most genuinely good act of 2013.
 His Hawaiian shirt, on the other hand, was the fashion statement of 2013:

The theme was sock party.

Summer came to an end. Chilling was not appropriate anymore, so I got a job.
After the first day at work, I ran to Triin Tramberg's birthday party.
I left before midnight...not cool!:

September was time to start gathering food for the winter, like a hamster.
Mushrooms, hello!:

As I mentioned in the last post, 
then in February Erik and Laura announced that they were going to have a baby. 
That boy had to come out sooner and later, he picked later, but he did come.
We had celebrations for that occasion, also we bought garden gnomes: 

I started working at H&M. 
Just so that I don't have to sleep outside the store two days before the opening:

It got colder and autumn came fast.
No more sunny and bright pictures.
Instead of that here you are - Triin and I taking vodka shots in the darkest corners:

Kaur made a level up in his music.
He found Ott with drums. 

Very important! My neighbour bought an chrome jaguar.
Most stupidest purchase of 2013, definitely!:

Then came time for hats and gloves.
Also Tour d'ÖÖ had the last ride of 2013, where
I collided together with another bicycle and banged my head, so I got I little stupider:

Less partying more work-university-work-university-sleep-work and repeat.
The dog saw it all and was thinking "Where the hell is she running all the time?":

Great finding of 2013 - my co-workers turned out to be excellent party people and great dancers:

Then came frost and froze our balls flowers off.

After long time no travelling, in November we went to again Liverpool to meet Little Sam.

No disappointment in Liverpool - they were cute as buttons:

Also I had the time to meet up my Stockholm neighbour Sean.
Missing all my shameless motherfuckers!:

Russian cocaine was the drink of 2013.
Smile, like there's no tomorrow:

Weather got stormy and shitty.
Thing started to fly around:

In Movember Juss turned 26:

Often trashy, but sometimes classy:

With December arrived Christmas madness to work and to everywhere else:

Epp's birthday with tonnes of food and games. 

Finally the bitch of all bitches arrived home for Christmas.
"Dude, where are we going?":

To be honest, I have some photos yet to post from December.
But I make a great bow to everyone, who I crossed paths with.

Quick questions and answers to sum up 2013 before I go-go.
1.Something that you hadn't done before? Fall down from stairs and to be crippled for two weeks. 
2.Which countries did you visit? Sweden, The United Kingdom, Latvia, Germany.
3.Greatest achievement of 2013? Making friends with people from almost every different country in Europe. 
4.Best purchase? Tickets to Paris (soon to happen!)
5.Something that made you really happy? Regular sex from June and onwards.
6.Saddest moment? Leaving Sweden and waving goodbye
7.What song reminds you of 2013? "Nobody gonna cross it"
8.Did you fell in love? C-o-n-s-t-a-n-l-y.
9.Favourite TV show of 2013? Õnne13, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Friends (yes, I live in the past)
10. Favourite book of 2013? "Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar" Jonas Gardell. 
11.Best record 2013? My hipster friends will hate me for being too mainstream, but Moderat won me over.

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