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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ella Hagi. Connecting people at NoKu.

I'm so hopelessly late with this post,
firstly because it was so-last-year and secondly Hagi is already back in Hipstershire Dalston. 

Anyways. That evening I was working until 10pm, quick lipstick in the bathroom and I was ready to go. Ella and Paula were waiting for me. We grabbed quick vodka accompanied by Naksitrall and Lotte chaser. A perfect start for a perfect night.
Here is Ella's Tour d'Öö with friends.

"No time to explain, quickly, open the vodka"
And so we did:

Ella was smoking these cuteness to arouse her lungs:

Paula, back from Denmark, is checking out H&M Tallinn:

Phone call. 
 Running on heels. 
Worth it.
Karl Laumets. (Almost Haiku)

Girls are working like the rent is due tomorrow.
Probably after the Christmas madness they are pretty broke:

These shoes! - need I say more?

There's a cat-woman sitting behind us:

Agreeing vs. disagreeing:

"Smile" - these bitches can read:

Front row is thrown back a little, 
massive wave or something:

And then arrived Kät from Paris.

-"That guy!"
-"I like you, I'll smack you":

Almost a nice friend photo, 
if I hadn't had the "bitch get those dirty hands off of me" face (love ya, Laura):

A bundle of joy:

We eat fashion for breakfast, lunch and, oh yes, for dinner too!:

There shall be more!
"Thank God, we have friends to carry us home":

"Say my name, say my name!":

Ella got like several buckets of these Soviet Era Miracles.

Four different scenarios:

Practising French kissing, since soon we'll see in Paris!:

It's always soothing and powering when bitches stick together:

"You think I cannot handle vodka? It's the lemon I'm worried about!":

"Honey I'm so frunk krunk drunk, take me home"

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