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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The funeral of 2013

As I write this post, I'm at Frankfurt airport.
From the loudspeakers a strict German woman voice is saying something, not really sure what...
Look at this fucking blogger, I sure hope I do not miss my flight.

To the chase:
Here is the funeral of 2013.

Epp and Juss had invited us over for their New Years feast. 
Of course some dressing up was in order, as you do at funerals.

Before going out, one overly attached couple had to take timer pictures:

I tried to act and look like a well behaving mail-ordered bride:

What's cooking, good looking?:

A fancy get-together welcomed us, there Ott was the most amused one of them all:

Mihkel looks like a grandpa, who is smoking pipe in the corner, 
while children are playing Cards Against Humanity.

Now you see, how big difference using flash makes.
Example A - Simple people from Eastern Europe. 
Very pale, since they saw the Sun six months ago.

Example B - without the flash.
Simple people turn into Bond movie stars:

Smiles are the only thing you see:

People were pretty improperly happy at the funeral:

And at 00:00.


After heavy kissing, Kaur and I walked to Ulme, a new club/soon-to-be-music-heaven.
Pine cones are their symbol. How very Estonian:

Win! Big boys let him touch their toys:

Surprisingly crowded it was.
Maybe from now on people will appreciate more the ability of hearing:

Lady and a Gentleman:

Then we went home like 5AM.
I could swear that there were hearts in the sky!

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