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Monday, January 20, 2014

White trash party a.k.a. Ella n+1 birthday

When Ella was in Estonia, we drunkenly decided at NoKu 
to throw her a big birthday party at our place. Like promised, it had to be done. 

Kaur and I started cooking few hours before, because we know how important it is to eat before drinking. By doing that, we lost completely our track of time, so when Ester came and ran to the bathroom to change her clothes, we were like "Ohhhh, we had a theme party!"
This concluded with us changing clothes in few fast minutes to become
White trash:

"It's alright, it's okay,
we'll gonna pump your gas someday":

Fortunately Kaur's brother was a professional basketball player, 
under these circumstances we have tonnes of sweatshirts and pants to hand out:

Friends, drinks and chips. 
The perfect F.D.C.:

Even when they try to be trashy,
they still look classy. 
With everyone else it is other way around:

The dictator called "Play Beyonce or I'll go home" got to sit with the ladies:

At the caravan park, we are used to living tightly next to each other:

When my children ask "What did you do when you were younger, Mommy?"
 then I'll answer "Not much. I sat in the library. I sang in a choir. I was definitely not acting primitive"
The truth is too hard to explain:

Spotify playlist "6th Floor" works in every country:

They were like "I forgot about the theme-party"
Yea, sure they did:

"Mu tutt kattis Ella ära"

May the whole year be Ella's birthday!

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