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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Midsummer at Hiiumaa with alpacas

The six days I spent in the east side went by too damn fast. 
After graduations I abandoned high heels and fancy clothes as we took off to Hiiumaa/Ösel to celebrate neverending nights with my friends.
"Oh, keeruta, kudruta kavalat juttu, 
kuldtärniga nooruke sõjamees sa. 
Me ööd on nii valged ja kuluvad ruttu, 
et linalakk-neidu sa püüda ei saa."

The ferry queues in Estonia are ridiculous, 
so the cars stayed behind and intoxication came with.

Catching up with friends during the summer bliss:

The midnight Hiiumaa welcomed us.

"Das is Volkswagen":

The greatest ideas were generated, which lead us to an alpaca farm.
Hello, three little fluffs:

Trying to buy my new boyfriend off with a carrot:

Embrace yourselves, alpaca pictures are coming...


The cosmetic companies would use those lashes in their commercials:

My legs after not shaving for two weeks:

Slavic squat, alpaca squat:

"Two alpacas, please. Take away":

Alpaca matafaka:

The white one played especially hard to get:

Later on we followed the Midsummer traditions by making wreaths and trying to find fern blossoms:

We are eager to dream about our future husbands and wives that night, 
like the folk tradition promised:

This ass is on fiiiiireeee *sing with Alicia Keys voice*:

This is the moment when the host is still happy,
little did he know how annoying guests we can be.
As he went to sleep, we did not accept that. 
We did everything possible so he would wake up and play "Uka-uka mina prii" with us at 4AM:

MTV please pimp our ride:

The city kids were flying high:

Mister Dragon:

My mister makes the best hangover pancakes:

Thank you Hiiumaa, thank you friends and thank you Jaan!

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