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Monday, August 29, 2016

Buongiorno Italia! Ciao Como-Milano-Genova-L'ago! (1/4)

The Italy plan started few months ago when Fred was scrolling the homepage of our favourite band and he discovered a music festival in Italy with tickets as cheap as 12€. Not a lot of thought went into it before we already bought the tickets. Then we started manipulating our dear friends, so Ott and Erik also did it, the reason was "So cheap, no problem if we can't go". But we went! Spoiler alert...we had a bloody blast.
The Italy trip is divided into four blogposts and I start with two first days, which include Fred and I being alone in Como, meeting Erik & Laura in Milan and tripping balls to our Airbnb mansion. 
(I have suffered from the overflow of your vacation pictures, now it is time to suck on mine.)

We started off at a place near Swiss-Italian border, the Como lake. 
First day of the trip we were just the two of us doing romance 
and trying to find George Clooney's mansion:

We had a lovely Airbnb apartment in the heart of the old town,
the door so big, the ceiling so high and the balcony so Italian: 

The pale girl has never been to such a warm place,
my icy heart started to melt:

One epic church after another:

At the same time I sent updates to England, to Erik & Laura who joined the next day.
Example A "The toilet flushing system is madness here. Sometimes you have to pull, sometimes you have to push, but sometimes it is automated and it flushes when you open the toilet door while praying that the flushing works this time. DIO MIO!" 

Then we took the funicular and went to heaven:

The city of Como (and fir trees??):

Did a little kissing, shared a little love,
basically got down that night:

Caught a humpback whale:

When a moon hits your eye
like a big pizza pie
that's amore!:

In Italy all cars were dented and all scooters had load horns:

Buenasera! Vino blanco? Vino rosso?:

Some pizzas and pastas later a gelato was a must:

Walking home, holding the sexiest man alive in one hand and the yummiest gelato in another,
that is bliss:

The budget of the trip:
Gelato 70% of our €€€:

The next day we left the small Como behind and went to Milano.
The pigeons were in charge there:

Sending hugs to the Pope:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping malls.
Italians love their things shiny, hairy and expensive:

After big noisy Milano took the best of us,
two lovely people rescued us and the trip to Cinque Terre began:

We stopped at Genova for grocery shopping,
the fishy is like "AAYYEE, MATES!":


Late at night we arrived to L'ago to our Airbnb mansion...and now I know why that woman screamed "MINU KODOMAA! Nii ilus väää?!" and started to cry.

Prawns, pasta, wine and the best company there is:

Happy kid being happy for not being a vegetarian:

The best TV show seen from our balcony every night:


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