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Sunday, August 14, 2016

My friend Charlie

First of all ERASMUS is the coolest thing on Earth. European Union rulez!

I met my Scottish friend Charlie while on my exchange uni year in Stockholm. We lived in the same student housing and we met on drunken night bus on our way home. He is genuinely a nice person, he gives out so much positive energy and makes you always feel good in his company. Of course that gentleman is funny as hell, I mean after spending some time with him I start feeling some muscles in my stomach that I never felt before. Although we don't meet that often, it's a true bliss when we do.
Last week we met up in Stockholm .

Everyone needs that feisty piece of ginger in their summer cocktail:

"I know what you did in 2013":

"Brexit, fuck it."

"Look, is that a unicorn?!"

The legendary moments together with Charlie:

1. 5AM on my kitchen floor in Estonia,
showing how we live in Eastern Europe:

2. Charlie and I had a joint birthday party in Lappis, Stockholm.
We were are really into Destiny's Child:

3.Every day at Lidingö student housing,
poco loco sugar loops:

4.Still one of the heartwarming trips I have taken - Scotland.
The people, the scenery, the whiskey!

Until we meet again!

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