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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mister Lynx and Miss Smith

My vacation started and I came to recover myself in Estonia. 
Basically straight from airport to Romantiku road, where O and M had their birthday party. By the way huge thanks to the birthday children for pushing the dates so I could be with the gang. 

Gangsta rap made me do it:

Enjoying the Estonian bikini weather and worrying about the lack of sunscreen we took with:

The best there is = friends around,
the worst there is = wet crisps:

The wettest bitches around:

"How the hell did I survive a whole year in Estonia?" the Englishman is thinking:


"So you didn't know that vegan condoms excist?" the Berliner said:

"We pray our dicks get big as the Eiffel Tower,
so we could fuck the world for 72 hours":

25 x 365 days around the Sun has made our head spin:

Some things are hard to explain 
(M is smizing his ass off tho):

The best dish there is = big bowl of friends:

The hosts had prepared a very creative quiz. 
Our entry for the Scooter Romantiku style:

The never-ending nights with silly Spotify playlists:

He kisses the hangover away:

"Your breath smells, Wilma!":

"What did we do last night?"

Maybe few men accidentally fell into the black wet hole,
however everyone survived:

It was in your face party:

The Romantiku road through history.

2008-2010 memory and evidence lost in space 

2011 it was girls and cake:

2012 it was shots, pickles and longboard:

2013 it was tattoos and Chrystal Cunt t-shirts:

2014 it was surprise Epifolium concert and blind jumps:

2015 the greatest Spotify playlist was created and tested through:

*happy tears*

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