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Friday, December 17, 2010


The title in picture

The city of London and its basement:

I am in denial but this can't be happening that I am a hipster. Ridiculous, I am zero-glasses and moustaches away from House of Hpstrs. Oui?:

I like lasers too, let's go on a lunch:

She got 21 and things got out of hand:

All you need is a passport and a full set of dental records:

Boy 8-Bit looks like a real Viking:

Our dear hipster from France who (surprise, surprise) is studying fashion in London. He adores whisky with lemon slices and fresh juice. Apparently he gets really pissed when he misses his favourite La Roux song . Likes showing off with his genitals. Oui?:

"Mom, look at this f****** party" MMS:

Are they on Facebook? - They must be
Let's poke them.
Do they have mybibble and bobble and swizzle and bizzle and space?:

Does anyone know her? Has anyone met her?:

#complete mind block#

You had Ferrero Rocher didn't you?:


A-bum-tish, a-bum-tish, a-bum-tish, shish ke-bab! Shish ke-bab! Shish ke-bab!:

Thank you for the Silent Shout it made my heart go loco poco:

Wearing my unique earplugs, yes I did and I feel AMAZING, MARVELLOUS, BRILLIANT and EXCELLENT!

Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni made ABBA, but William, Annie, Nigel and Kate also wanted to start a band:

We are labelled and disabled:

Peace and love:

Like a dream:


Ian said...

have a happy hipster christmas!

Wilma Circus said...

awww, tack min älskling

tellyfoam said...

nigel is totes cute