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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sometimes you have to move miles away to truly enjoy this:

Today I got on a train and went to Bluewater shopping centre. Just walked three hours without finding the end of that place. I adore great lights:

It is a serious addiction, I know:

Christmas is all they ever talk about:

This is boom-boom present:

I have the same picture in my passport:

Trying them on is so much cheaper than buying them:

H&M vintage:

Prehistoric lamp:

Before entering our home you have to make acquaintance with the fire door:

My grumpiness was worth a while and Kaur agreed with me taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of him:

He and his back:

He and street lights:

He and windy face :

He and bank:

He as a robot:

He as a Pocahontas:
Happy birthday, my dear grandfather (68) jei.

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