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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All you need is that special R

You know it has been a while since I have seen you. I have lost count how many days it has been, but when I am with you once again those days won't mean a thing. You will be walking through my dreams and Skype. How deep is your faith in us? Makes sense? No. For me and Reggie it does. The journey has just begun. It won't be long. The daylight is hours away, I have to wait, but I CAN NOT! Me and R have something truly big ready in the oven. UUUUUUSSSSHH!

I am good with flowers and plants. They keep on dying and my home is becoming more and more romantic. Hot stuff:

Today was the day when R&S had another showcase in London. This time in Boiler Room. James and Arthur our favourite men were on. Poor girl in the UK could not go, but thank God for 21.century and streaming.
First glasses must be filled:

Took some extra:

Brushed my teeth and was ready for...:

...T H I S:

yooooouu, you got me going crazy, crazy, crazy.


regina said...

oii kui armas, mis ma siit leidsin :) mul nüüd tuju hästi kaua hästi hea, tänks! ja igatsen sind!! :***

Wilma Circus said...

the pleasure was all mine.