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Saturday, December 04, 2010


Two weeks from now Kaur is in Estonia. Cancel my aromatherapy, my psychotherapy, my reflexology, my osteopath, my homoeopath, my crystal reading, my shiatsu, my organic hairdresser because we are celebrating Christmas today. Yes, we ignored the calendar. Yes, presents, presents, presents!

I might be starting my 20 therapy soon but I still enjoy finding goods in my shoe:

It is not about love. It is not about family. It is not about giving. It is about getting new things. Look at our new lamp covers, feels like Christmas:

The Fastest Gun in Texas has suitable winter-boots for a cowboy:

Are you tired of having poor blood circulation and thinking you are dead when you touch your cold-cold feet? Then this is for YOU! Don't be shy and order these fabulous starry WITH BRAKES slippers:

Classic Bear-on-a-little-bike T-shirt:

Everything that I own is related to food or drink:

Estonia is on my mind. Every night I dream about swallows and limestone:

Thank you Santa for this blouse! It gave me a special urge to doll myself up:

Bowknot makes you 15 years younger. It is a shame that I am 19:

Another facelift and another nose:

Just to show that there really is a shoe on my window sill :

Do you know how long my hair is? MADNESS!

My New Years Resolution is to have more fun.
Ilusaid jõule.

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