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Thursday, December 02, 2010

England in chaos

I understand that for a country that usually does not have to cope with snow, it is cheaper to announce domestic emergency than to buy a snow plough or two. This morning Kaur went to uni but soon came back. Everything is closed or not moving. Medway is upside down.

Even Santa's Little Helpers did not make it today. They were truly sorry and drew me this:

There weren't many stores open today and it was a shame because a lot of people had the day off and went out for Christmas shopping:

Usually we buy our groceries on Saturday but today it felt like war is coming tomorrow and now our fridge is full of food. Sainsbury's I love you:

There's nothing going out. There's nothing coming in:

Emergency travelling only! Stay home! Making snow-angels might kill you!:

British can not deal with this kind of white powder. Still they protect themselves with umbrellas and winter must-haves are wellies:

Let's go home:

What are you looking at?:

So you have never seen eggs popping out from a ladies purse? This day is messed up:

Welcome December, are you here to stay?:

Cars became useless machines:

Give me a shovel and will show you how it's done in the North Pole where I come from:

No shovel? Well this won't stop me from cleaning up. Life has to go on:

send us food

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Ian said...

trolololol kui lumi maas on kõik paanikas