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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Be my guest

The Circus World Tour took Ms.Piret to Rochester and I am no longer alone. She came from Iceland and is heading to Germany. Truly I am happy that she is here.

Why take pictures from food? Eat it. (please stop I-made-sushi-today-and-nom-nom campaign)
This time I made an exception to prove my Mister that I am eating again:

Evidence A: The Backpacker has arrived (no joke):

Oestrogen took over and we had a proper girl's night:

Goodbye timer and hello living-breathing models:

Beware! If you cross my doorstep I will shoot you with my camera:

She said that she's no good and can't pose. Relax and just do it:

Our farewell to Eesti Kroon. We cried:

Beware! I adore long dark hair. If you have it then you are more that welcome to visit my home:

Life has its ups and downs.
Photographer. Totally busted:


Oy Lord, would you buy me a pair of bigger boobs:

B-Irdy on the second floor as you see:

The Most Sensual Body Part Ever: back

Zara or H&M who cares! Baaaaaah glorious clothes!:


This animal came between me and ketchup:

Boyfriend style. Wear it with pride:


This morning a pot of boiling water fell on my feet and I have serious burns. No worries. Instead of crying I feel fabulous (as you see)


G-Force said...

armid kaunistavad meest

Piret said...

this is my straight-off-an-airplane look

...but it's MS Piret, never MRS

vilja said...

aah, lõpetage ära, te olete nii ilusad!