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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And there's MORE.

How do you like it?
This is special delivery from stone age.

The friendly understanding:

Of course we had a drug dealer on speed dial:

Our religion - Buddha and a guitar:

The Golden Girls:

My favourite film was "Save the Willy":

The biggest Metallica fans ever!:

Now comes my granny's section. I love her so!
She's 89 but young at heart.:

She's my centre if I spin away:

I don't need no heating, her heart is warm enough:

Somehow I have had tonnes of different photo shoots.
It's good to have something to show to your children.
Welcome to my vanity fair:







This is Mia and sometimes you have to tickle your pickle:

Sweet M's sweet 17:

Maybe she's born with it?
No this is our first date with make-up:

Viive 46:



Everything what happens in Sweden stays in Sweden:


Extra light Miss:

My friend Hubert:

Our bitchin' ride Ziks:

At Airport Jam:

Ready-to-wear for Hippies:

Grass was greener and glasses were bigger:

Unidentified Flying Object:

We tried to find our way but mostly we were oh-so-wrong:

We were young and we were restless, but we still needed our beauty sleep:

This is what happens when Ninja Power and Jedi force get united:

At Zoo:

Me at Woodstock back in 1969:

Serious Garden Photoshoot:

Face down, ass up:

"They told me that Santa Claus is gay":

We had unattended furniture hidden in our enchanted forest:

Next stop: destination unknown:

Do the Don'ts

Damn those hippies.

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mulle niiii meeldib su blöög (: