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Friday, September 24, 2010

Royal mail

Today we went out and
50% party right and 50% party wrong.

Can you believe this bloody +20
and brides in bloom?:

Just saying that I hate people who make pictures of hello-this-is-what-I-ate-today.
Especially I-made-sushi-and-you-all-must-see-this.
But look at this!:

Girlfriend, your eyes are bigger than the full moon.
The Twilight zone:

A lot of thing I miss, but theatre I carry with me in my heart.
More drama, please:

Running up that hill - Kate Bush:

My homeland is flat
the highest peak is that old man's hat:

"Do you really think that I can be a pornstar?":

ps. Decade ago is not retro and nineties are not vinatge
I'm just seconds away from falling down:

Today's special: if your clothes are dirty then use your roommate's:

Keep calm!
This is England's palm:

If something happens then he will always run away,
I will always keep on smiling:

Don't smoke no grass or opium from old Hong-Kong,
that hubble-bubble just makes me see you double
all night long:

Do the dont´s!

Some days I love you but others I want to sell you to the mob:

The window shopper:

Drink up baby, look at the stars.
I'll kiss you again between the bars:

Toothpaste is pointless
have a apple instead:

Wanted for murder.
Her careless talk costs lives:

Oh England! When vodka runs out then we always have Burberry Brit.


Epp-Maria said...

nii armas tundub kõik ja ilmselt ongi :)

Wilma Circus said...

armas oleks, kui sa külla tuleks.