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Monday, September 27, 2010


Things happen when you have a lot of free time in your hands - like walking to Rochester. I live in Gillingham. Then comes Chatham and then comes Rochester. Finally I saw beautiful England and I got a good job opportunity.
Fingers crossed!:

Autumn is greener on this side:

Somehow it feels like I walked to Germany:

Don't you be wasting all you money
on syrup and honey
because I'm sweet enough:

Time has stopped:

When you're in Estonia it's 6 pm. When you're in Sweden or in Netherlands it's 5 pm.
You're are always few steps ahead:

And they don't mean Knight Rider:

Delphic - Red Lights:

Disneyland is a fake copy:

I disco how fresh laundry smells:

Maybe I'll be working there soon - The Kiss Kiss Heart store.
Keep calm and carry on.
Now panic and freak out!:

For now all I have is this new nail polish.
T is for Teal:

Me small. He big.

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vilja said...

just another ordinary day walking around in Eeengland...