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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One life stand

As I'm soon moving to England I tried to clean up my computer. That
turned out to be harder than it seemed. Found some pictures that reminded me
sweet moments that I've had and I put them all together.
Here it is my longest post (includes never-seen-scenes) ever.
These pictures are in random order.
But people on them are not that random.

Sweet Art Gymnasium and the legendary Värdi:

I'm a lean mean hugging-machine:

Shake ya ass. Watch yourself. Shake ya ass. Show me what you're working with:

I've been to Sweden so many times that I've lost the count. It's my second home and that time I took my girlfriends with me. We had bloody good time. WAISTED!:

We were teenagers but Merry-Go-Round seemed right way to go:

Different year. Different girlfriend. Same shit:

Good school times with skateboards and Linkin Park:

After Linkin Park years I/we started enjoying our hippie years.
Grass, music and a trip to Europe with a hippie-van:

Kopli park before school. Too much, too high:

Life was a picnic when we sat on a huge stone in Sweden:

7th graders drinking zip by zip from the magical cup:

Roof I like.We sold our bodies there:

The best smokers that I've ever met. Quite primitive theatre gang. I love them so.
I'm just wondering how I managed not to take up smoking:

Like I said "Roof I like", especially at Linnahall. Gooood times:

This was that lovely trip to Russia where we showed how real theatre is done.
(and how primitive one theatre gang can be when booze is cheap):

Hallmark card with my friend Karl.
"Drinking, my primary vice
Now my bloodstream is hundred percent Saku on ice":

Hallmark card continues.
"I'm at Red Square but I've a little doubt
that inside me is liquid that wants to come out"

"Katjuuusha – they say it doesn't smell
yet they've not made acquaintance with our breath from hell."

Once upon a time we made a lovely plan to visit every town in Estonia. We called
it operation "kultuurireis". We visited our theatre grannies, but it was yet rather primitive:

Why is this text like this?
Well, this is us. Me and him. My best friend:

Back to my primary school and times we had then.
Mister Cookie Monster:

How much Karl can you handle? I've noticed that this post is about Karl.
Picture is taken near Vargamäe. Another "kultuurireis" with Tammsaare and theatre.
(If you see that man wearing his blue jacket, it means party up)
"Ilma läheb hukka 1929" :

This is how I graduated 9th grade (I'm such a zenit lover):

This is how I graduated 12th grade:

Our interesting Swedish trip continues.
I guess we were thinking realllllllly hard at that moment:

I've done this and that and I've also played some serious games:

But yet the most serious thing around the year is Christmas
and surviving our Christmas parties.
"One, two, THREE!":

Another visit to Sweden and as you see my Topshop love is in bloom.
khm I mean Topman:

Yes, I know I have a alcohol problem. That's why I went to AA's meeting"
(this makes be laugh every time)

If life gets tough then it's good when someone is covering you back.
Happy Even 18 (can you remember the thrill of becoming 18!!):

I have loads of Zenit lover pictures. Catch me if you can.:

Now comes Henri's section. I don't know what it is, but maybe it's love.
Save the last rave for me (laugh):

Sometimes we try different partners:

But we always end up together:

Hello, my girlfriend Kätlin (the limits we're not for us)
This is how she become 18 (yes, it was a magical age):

Vilja, Vilja
Pole kunagi hilja.
Peace, love and happiness:


Remember when St.Catherine's Passage had chairs?
It was our place. I even spent my sweet 18 there and Karl ended up
at Police department:

The world is our stage. We just love our room full of costumes:

I have had and still have a secret love for Haapsalu and hitch-hiking
(England is quite far from Haapsalu and it isn't allowed to hitch-hike there):

Well, this part I couldn't delete and decided to show you all
the most interesting and sweet moments one can have.
It's called "First love":

We had our moments and I really wish him all the best:

Like a postcard:

This is pure joy that only theatre can give.
Dedicated to Uku Masing:

"Last minutes on earth":

I've been to Latvia and the garden of Lovely:

Don't drink and drive. Just smoke and fly:

Okou, I'm going to hell:

I guess now I'm in Lithuania. It's really hard to tell:

My girrrrldfriend Mia and her sweet 18.
Couples acting wild:

Summer time in Kehra and me near water.
This one you haven't seen:

My sweet class and our endless reunions. In the future our wives and
husbands will know that we're not coming home for two hole weeks, when they
hear the word "Reunion":

Always been a freak for clothes:

This Sweden saga will never end:

My Stockhome:

My Djurö. I love it so much that my head is going to explode:

Fisheye and Sweden:

Zenit and Latvia:

My dear Epp-Maria's palace. It's a sin to be tired:

And this is how Epp became 20 and YES we ended up at Protest:

Another Christmas party. I don't have any words:

Left: Christmas 2008
Right: Christmas 2009
Is there any difference?:

Happy new year (2010)
My new years resolution was to have more fun:

Stage I like and fashion I like. Kuldlõige 2009:

Kuldlõige 2010. BRUUUTAL:

This year I changed my outfit more often. Great success!:

With this started a new chapter in my life.
First cruise to Sweden:

Me and my girl Regina. When we lay there, we understood that
we both were ready for the floor and for each other:

So you think you can dance with Ott?:

I really don't remember this moment, but it's the first
picture of us together like this. Something was up.
No, actually I walked badly and if I had let go I would have fallen doooooown:

Even Ingmar had new beginning: moved out from childhood home and moved
into "Home, sweet, home". Like you see everything continued the same way.
That day was the last day to apply to Lavakas. Like we all did:

I've got the power to change people. When I asked them to participate
in my art project, they had no idea what they're getting themselves into:

This is how the project turned out:

But we didn't stop there:

And the girls are screaming "What a hurmur!"

We had conquered Moscow now it was time for Tartu (we kicked some asssssss):

But this is what happens when you try to conquer Tartu by night:

A friend in need is friend indeed.
We call it a cardhouse:

We love each other but when it comes to the last drops of alcohol,
well, then we're the biggest enemies:
Align Center

I want to sex your monkey!
No, actually we're just lost and trying to find Zavood:

The last days at school or more like lessons-were-on-but-we-were-on-the-wall.
We're the fastest guns in Sherwood:

Our big night. The prom.
More like Batman and Robin lebos:

My class at GAG. Olle är författare för oss:

Melissa sweet 19. I got asthma but I still blew up these balloons for you:

Welcome to Müürivahe:

It makes me sick that I see hearts everywhere! I used to be so normal.:

I said to him "You and me. NEVER gonna happen" Like you see
I'm easygoing and a liar:

This monogamy is new for me. But I'm trying soooo hard...:

...but I have a thing for Tanel:

Now I'm older and wiser. 19 is a serious thing:

But when you're 19 your body doesn't recover that fast:

Once upon a time we didn't have money to take taxi and the last bus had just left.
So we walked from Viru centre to Viimsi. It was a trip to hell and even
Viimsi haigla bus station chair knows it:

New life includes more car rides. But really I'm more
a bicycle person:

One thing hasn't changed, I'm still living my champagne lifestyle
with a Mõmmi lemonade buget:

Me and her! Didn't see that one coming.
Happy R 20!:

The telephone rang. It was Regina: "Do you want to come to Helsinki with me."
And I did:

Birthday seemS to be the most important thing in our lives.
This is Karl getting 20 and we were ready for the floor:

Mister Camp Naughty Bad Fun.
Too heavy for one hand
I would definitely join his band.

This is one never-seen-scene.
Our bodies are here but our minds are there (R love me still)

We made a cake for Kaur when he became 19.
Fucked up stuff:

Me and Vilja celebrating life on Fridays.
My calculator lover:

Tallinn he kisses me windy:

The biggest thing I've ever done: actually graduate:

Another trip but this time I took my other girlfriends with me
to see Delphic:

I have spent 44.3% of my life at Topshop dressing room:

and other 55.7% at second hand dressing rooms:

My Swedish home. We had to eat before Delphic:

Next trip it was down to two and there were hearts every-fucking-where.
Kill me now!:

Vilja, Kaur och Kristel var DÄR!:

Do you know that black-and-white photo film is really expensive:

This is my friend Ian Gustav. He is having a serious problem and he is
talking with her granny:

These are my friends. Lovely!
Face down, ass up. Ya know:

After it all I thought that I'll be moving to Sweden.
But only Vilja did and I'll be moving to England instead:

People in these pictures are in my heart and I'll take them everywhere with me.
Ps. If I have borrowed money from you then the last chance to get it back is on September 18th at airport.

And let's get one thing straight this wasn't a tear, I just have some shit in my eye.


Ian said...

No comment is available to make.

vilja said...

Oh wow, life sure throughs unexpected stuff to your face, when you're not looking.
But it kind of does make it a bit more fun, don't you think?
I mean, sulle külla tulles, saan ma lõpuks ometi Inglismaad ka ikka näha...
Aga samas KUI hea, et ma Rootsis olen (kuigi seda hea/halb asja saan ma tegelikult alles mitme aasta pärast korralikult hinnata)...

Iallafall, päris pikk postitus:)

Wilma Circus said...

tuk tuk

regina said...

oii mis postitus :)) awawaw
miss you Kristel!