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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheap and Cheerful

I've got the power. I'm the Power ranger. I use Powerpoint.

When I moved here I was even ready to work at McDonald's.
Now after they offered me a job at Kiss Kiss Heart my biggest
wish is to get that place:

Phonebooth extra: Call someone, say you love them and hang up.
Ps. I have Skype now:

Now today's special. Went out to meet a realtor, but I got stood up. No biggie. Went to Iceland and bought groceries and a brand new absolutely fabulous British Vogue.
its price in Estonia = Vogue + delivery fee to Estonia + monkey business
its price in UK = pure Vogue and no funny stuff + £4:

This is how I stood in the front of the Gillingham railways station.
Timetable is my best friend but money is my worst enemy.
No London for me:

Know your lines and wear a costume and act like you're in a big city.
Ignore those wankers, who shout something nasty when you walk by.
I make quite a fuzz in this little town:

This autumn must-haves: a pair of legs and a plastic bag.
Actually I hate this plastic bad policy here:
Today's offer - buy 5 items get 5 plastic bags for FREE!

This body wants something else than instant noodles.
Send me food, please:

Homeless and unemployed, but still happy.
(Yes, maybe I should consider getting a job at one pub. Am I strong enough
to serve those uncontrollable British bachelors?)

May the force be with you.


Ian said...

And may the force be with you, padawan!

vilja said...


Kas ma peaksin sulle kartulit saatma? Ära nälgi: söö v6iksi!

Wilma Circus said...

Ei kurda. Pliit ja soe toit tunduvad praegu otroligt rolig.