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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun times

Enough with the past, now back to the future.
May the force be with me.

Who? Me? Oh well.:

Don't you just hate Karl - The man who can never look you in the eye:

Hallo, who's drink is this? Oh well, I saw it first:

You have to come just in the right moment
and steal the show:

Can't even tell that I'm at toilet queue:

Next adventure Tartu it was.
"Please, pretty, please one more sip"

So I did and we were friends again:

Didn't see that one coming:

It's a doggy eat doggy world out there far in the south:

Ti Amo makes an illusion that I'm hot:

The kitchen bandit:

Retarded people. Wanted dead or alive.
ps.they are very dangerous:

Just the moment before we kissed:

Just a moment after we kissed:

Tartu it is. Party every day. Dance every night.
And liquid lunch in between:

And one for the morning;

Quick shower, quick shower... Wash and go. Sandpaper, exfoliant, cellulite breakdown, tone and perm, auto-bronzer and birch twigs! Shall I have soap? No, no soap.

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Ian said...

Last party before adulthood!