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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

21. I'm legal in the U.S. and A.

Well, birthdays make me high as a kite - especially, when it's mine. After waiting a bloody year, yesterday finally was my birthday. Ai-ai-ai-ai-juh-hu-hui! I'm really really sad that I can't have a big birthday party like last year. All friends together, dress up and never-mind the unlimited vodka supplies I would get (can't. really. imagine.)
This year I had a quiet day with family and few friends, because rest of them bastards are abroad #Eastern-Europe problems.
Finally, let's all embrace this post and let's now watch pictures of me taken from 101 angles. It's my birthday, I'm allowed to be an attention whore. I had a new dress, shoes and everything.

Big puppy eyes - can't really tell that 21. Maybe 10?

First things first. Run out in the birthday morning and take a picture with a bush. Very basic actually:

So I ran to the town and met up with Triin and Ian. Nothing to say about the picture, but I can tell you how Ian keeps surprising me: we are planning to go out on Saturday, but he started bitching because he doesn't want to miss the Eurovision song contest. Just like my granny. 

I'm desperately trying to show my new shoes, but I'm clueless in that area. There's no model inside of me and I couldn't give less about the chestnut tree. 

When my face is hidden I'm such a beautiful girl:

Look, friends in a warmer climate, we have summer here:

Headaches and backaches won't stop me:

I'm thinking about who the hell sent me those flowers and a teddy-bear via courier. Karl and Kaur for the win: 

Alcohol makes even the park look prettier:

My friend is a fashion-student and her style is best described as the blues brothers meets with "I just came from a funeral":

Random tulip picture is random:

A eta moi prazdnik:

It was rather late and I was a bit bummed out that my birthday was ending and I had to wait another year. Then three handsome boys walked in and gave me more flowers. Also my acceptance letter from Stockholm University arrived. Like a boss:

It looks like I'm enthusiastically looking up and then I'm blinded by the sun or bird poop: 

To sum it all up I must show you this. My mister couldn't be with me on that special day, but he thought "Why not Photoshop something retarded". So he did and it made me so so happy. The center-peace is me sleeping while having a Skype conversation - A good listener as I am: 
Thank you, my lovely people who had the time to send me good wishes. I send you high fives on my behalf. 

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