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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lihtsalt primitiivne - Too much too high

I'm living my champagne lifestyle with a Mõmmi/Trocadero lemonade budget to the fullest. Even though this weekend I lost something very valuable - luckily everyone's alive and I can just buy it back. See, I can't suppress my inner Eastern European, who enjoys a good party despite weather, lost things and a burning house. Like my good friend said "I do sometimes wish to possess the willpower to stop before fucking up.
In spite of everything my mind is happy and my body says "Söö sitta!" These feelings make me miss Karl right now. He would say "Kirstus võid ka magada" - "It's time to sleep, when you're dead" and that's all I need.

Let's just try to remember what happened on Friday. 
I truly love my Vanlig Vodka - Ordinary Vodka. As you can see, it's nothing special, even the label says so.

Here you can see different reactions while listening Beyonce. One is covering her ears, one is really disgusted and one is enjoying it to the max:

Girl from Poland knows how to party. I've seen her drinking vodka with cucumbers and sugar. Not bad:

Our family dinner, everyone knows that it's not good to drink while you haven't eaten anything:

We tried Icelandic Brennivin and I guess Monika wasn't that excited:

Sometimes Italians don't get it:

We were having 60's party downstairs, but I said I really need to go out. My neighbour wasn't sure if he should come with me. Then I promised it's going to be fun and insane night. I kept my promise:

Now kiss and make up:

We headed to Lappis that is a student housing Mecca:

Even though it was hard for us to cope with the escalators, he is still giving out a peace sign:

I'm lost, but I'm hopeful. Everything is going to be quite fine:

We saw Uros (our landlord) and Sven is just overwhelmed:

We met this Austrian boy, who could say only one thing in Estonian "Laku vittu!". Kas tõesti minu kodumaa!

Look at this German connection. I hope that they are singing otherwise the girl is just terrified by Sven.
We actually listened all the hits that made to world go round in 90's:

Well, well, well. What do we have here:

"Hello, mother! I'm all fine, don't worry. Love!"

If you say that beds at Lappis are small, then your argument is invalid:

There's always that ridiculously photogenic guy in the group:

Can't really remember why the iPhone was that interesting:

Let's ignore the gravity to the max:

Longboard is something that comes hand in hand with Ott:

It was time for us to leave and Ott longboarded to Södermalm:


Sense, this pictures makes none. Can't remember why I have a Latvian flag in my hand.:

As we wanted to be rebel enough and continue going to another party, we understood that it's Stockholm and there's no Levikas here. So the bright ideas started coming. Instead of taking tunnelbana (that's runs all night long) we hitch-hiked to TKH. After talking with every stranger on the way, we arrived at "Mexico party" (as me and Sven refer it):

We got home safe. My neighours had cleaned my room and left the door opened, so I was freaking out where my key was. All a big mess and blur.
That's why on Saturday I look like six year old girl with a bow. My body was weak, but it didn't mean I was staying at home:

Of course I ended up at Marie Laveau with Ott and his friends. He got lucky and I woke up today happy and fresh:

If you're going to hell, keep on going.

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