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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Reception for international students at the Stadshuset

 Two weeks ago our floor woke up at unreasonable time, just to stand in a human queue for two hours to get tickets for City Hall reception. I swear I felt like a child waiting in line for the Spice Girls concert. After our hard work, it all finally paid off, because we all got the golden ticket. 
The big day arrived on Sunday...it was no Spice Girls concert, but they had free food. Good enough.

Another Stockholm view, I will never get tired of this:

Usual me-and-the-bench picture:

The lady counterpointed that 50% of council is female. You go girls!

Sven got a free ticket to Stadshuset. He got free food which he usually wouldn't make at home. He got unlimited free drinks and he is still disappointed.

On the other hand they were quite happy to be there:

"Check my crib and my bling walls" got a whole new meaning:

Yes, I was lucky enough to get the famous peace-sign ears:

"Hi, mommy!"

I was just amazed how they were eating:

The Golden hall:

"Girls, let's gather around and preach!":

 Too. much. group-pictures. help. us. all. :

Work. work. work. Gif.gif.gif :

Again Kathrin and Chloe rule the world.

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