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Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Quiet Night with the Catalans

 On Saturday I was so certain that I would have a quiet night in, which meant reading a lot and writing my home-exam. Since others were warming up in the corridor, I joined them and was planning to drink one beer, just to be polite. I stayed longer than I expected. One moment we were listening Skrillex (sorry God, for I have sinned) and suddenly I could see the ceiling. No, I was not drunk.Yes, seven Danish guys were so into wobble-wobble that they lifted me up in the air and bounced me up and down. Fun. Then Catalan people showed me some dance-moves and shared a drink with me. So the story began.

 In my hand you can see the "polite beer", so innocent:

I did not take any pictures before like 2AM, when everyone on my floor were sleeping and I invited people into my apartment to make less sound (I guess we failed in it). German girls joined with us:

Worst. picture. ever. yet. so. funny:

They have good music taste and they know it:

He put on everything that I own. Hot as hell:

Can you tell who is who?:

I woke up in the morning with a hangover and there was a sofa in my room. A bloody sofa:

Catalan approval:

I rotated this pictures and was so mind-fucked:


Let's ignore gravity:

My room was the best club in Stockholm that evening:

Must book a plane ticket to Barcelona!:

Sven was still not impressed:

Put your hands up if you like Mister Obama:

Three times is a charm:

"BAM! Easy!"


Pure joy and the mysterious Ping-pong pad, that I stole:


A Catalan guy (hot as hell) said...

hahahahaha really funny, best post ever! Two kisses from Barcelona.

Wilma Circus said...

The pleasure was all mine!

Arctic Monkeys' T-shirt boy (Martín) said...

Fucking great pics, finally the pictures of the party I wanted to see.

Torre na ha (like you told me it's told)
Meeldiv tutvuda (according to the google translator)


Wilma Circus said...

Wow, respect for remembering some Estonian! My heart melted a bit.

we need to meet again!