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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Ewert and the Two Dragons at Debaser Slussen

 On Friday my Mister went back to London. Instead of crying and eating chocolate at home, I went to see Ewert and the Two Dragons. Of course I did not go alone - Lidingö people always move around in a herd, we do not function as individuals. Talking about weird groups - Debaser was full of Estonians, which was a bit frightening. In the end everybody screamed "Korrata" not "En gång till".

"Oh, I did not know that you were taking a picture":

Guys, who hate people in relationships, look the other way, but others can go "Aww!" right now:

Monika really likes to be first in a club:

Girls with Mister Meany:

You know the rule with disco-ball, it stands for a good party:


Pose much?:

Awkward pictures in a toilet:

Female individuals from the stone age:

"I don't even":

Buttocks power:

Chequered boys:

I am the hobbit among humans:

Catalan people can sing, I mean really they can sing!:

He is in pain:

Good old circle and dancing:



Estonians approve:

Luciano can smise even with one eye:

Boogie time:

And then it started:

The one and only successful band from Estonia. SO PROUD!:

10% of Estonia population was there:

I always knew what was coming up:


Because everybody has Instagram, the respect towards quality pictures has decreased massively. That's why this is Janne Vanhemmens segment:

 And now the story of how we went to the city. Swedish peace and quiet was disturbed:

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