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Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Friday night - "Really hard to explain" party

 As usual on Friday we had a dance dinner (a social occasion in the evening, at which there is a meal and dancing). Well, that escalated quickly, and first time ever I had to hide all the pictures. Clicking on "Click to see more Circus " is your on responsibility.

 A little "Ossikükk" before we go-go:

 I will make wallpaper out of it, just to remember that there is some good food out there:

Then we started to give out peace signs:

Sven had a visitor over, so even he was happy and peaceful:

Nobody canna cross it and nobody canna be sad:

If I try really hard, I can fake that I am decorous:

Family dinners are always happy meals:

Hands up, who likes big butts and cannot hide it:

We look after each-other:

Dynamic drinking duos:


Surely we had to play Kings again and Eva was the last King.

It is always good to know, where the emergency exit is:

Russian mail-order brides straight from Siberia:

The night is full of mysteries:

Where do little doors come from?:

Truly a Swiss thing:

The future is so bright, it burns their eyes:

My friends and one freaky leg:

One moment my camera got hijacked, but the bandits were smart enough to make some pictures:

"What should we do?" - "Let's just go up and down in the elevator":

Our good friend - the shovel:

Dance until your feet fall off:

Human hamburger:

Fairytale "Sven and his flying chair":

Heavy weight lifting:

Dear neighbours, this is the reason why your necks were hurting the day after:

One moment this anonymous guy, who we really don't like, came up. We took his clothes off and put my bra on him. Also to end with a big bang, we made the Titanic:

From W to Vogue - I could be a stylist:

Work like the rent is due tomorrow:

Those classes didn't fool anyone:

Sleepless and young:

Tell my boyfriend that I love him. 
This is hard to explain - All in the name of toilet art:

From Korea to Sweden:

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