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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ella and Ivan visiting - Thursday

Finally some of my friends bothered to visit me here in Stockholm. I think it is not a very desirable destination, because while living in England I had more mates around (even more than back in Estonia...), that is why I give extra respect to Ella and Ivan, who despite the shitty weather, came to see me here in the North.
Basically my weekend started with Ella arriving on Wednesday. I introduced her to my Lidingö family and as a group we lost our chat-roulette virginity (you better do it among your friends, because you might see a girl sucking a part of a horse's body which is used for urinating and in sexual activity). This explains, why I don't have any pictures from that night and will jump directly to Thursday.

This is my friend Ivan, who is my course-mate back in Tallinn uni. He is my only true Russian friend, which is a bliss, because jokes about communists never get old, which is even more funny, because he is nearly the only one among our course, who does not want to change the Estonian regime into a dictatorship, does not collect little ponies nor does he have the same IQ as a squirrel:

On the left the girl with a great deal of skulls is Ella, who lives in London. We have met in Estonia merely once or twice, but thank god I moved to England. She should insure her mouth, because what comes out from there is pure gold. Also she is obsessed about good music and we frequently share musical orgasms, even though I am a rookie compared to her. If you look at the blogcolumn on the right you can see her boobs, click on them, they are worth it:

Chloe - my partner in crime. How many of us can you handle?:

Anna from Iceland, being hipster as always:

Luciano from Switzerland joins in to imitate his passport picture:

Eva from Belgium and Aske from Denmark pushing out emotions:

Of course if we are drunk enough the sky is the limit. Therefore we always run on the roof.
Amazing family, Ivan and Ella compliment it a great deal:

Let's not fall off the building:

Stockholm in the background. No light pollution and you can see the stars!:

A kiss in need is good kiss indeed. Pure love:

Vogue? Harper Bazaar? We are born to rule their covers:

We are not even trying that hard:

Dental hygiene is very important, kids!:

Carolin from Germany joined. After this shot Chloe started to write on post-its and went little crazy with it (she loves me so). Now my walls are covered and my shower has a sign "Kristel is hot":


Later me and him danced YMCA. Good party:

Boo-donka-donk - google it:

Bottoms up!:

Hard-core kiss:

If you try to ignore all the bottles, then you see that there are actually three people at the background:

Life is so much beautiful through a drinking-class:

Ducks in heat:


She is really nice! Ella said so (I think so too):

All of Eastern Europe in one picture. Long live prostitutes and cheap alcohol:

Then everyone went to sleep and I just refused to do so. The party continued at my room. Deyal and "Paula sul on poisipea"
Best friend-picture ever:

Ella and cool cans:

I think this party was very ass-centric:

While we were dancing, we made our beds:

Kas sina tead, kes sul külas on käinud?! PÄEV! Viive 46.

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