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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

05.04.2013 Tallinn Music Week at AKU citystage and Bibabo/Wabadus

Since I flew to Estonia just for my Mister and his performance at TMW, then I guess it is acceptable, how much I touch the subject. 
He performed on Friday both at citystage and later in the night at Bibabo/Wabadus. It was a looooong day, as I tried to avoid alcohol and my Mister played at 3am, which meant I was alone among jungle animals. Luckily I really enjoy his music. I am not saying it for the fact that we may or may not kiss every now and then. Despite it all, I eat his beats.
Due the fact that me and my retarded camera, I borrowed pictures from Johanna Eenma and Betti Säre from TMW flickr.

When he finished a fan came up and gave him flowers. 
"Holy, shit. This has never happened before":

Other artist should be jealous, how could they resist such a beautiful fan base?:
Now from the beginning.
Me doing the robot or zombie or someone with really stiff hands:

I am an annoying tourist wandering around Tallinn:

He does not ask much, but give the poor man a higher table. 
Dj Crookback, eww, I bet it is already taken. Probably a shitty dubstep artist:

A little ninja:

Omg, my headband! Do you see it? Does not matter, I am famous!:

This should be a functioning club in reality:

Even though Bibabo (Bilbao, Bibaabaa, Bilbab - the name is hard to keep in mind) looks like a brothel, the visuals were saving the day: 

Then we headed to EKA to meet hairless Sven and watch one artsy film: 

The movie was over, the party was on:

Eeny - weeny - teeny - meeny:

Red District Samuel:

The bold and the beautiful: 

We are doing an impression of the last TMW. Only difference was that I cannot remember last time that well. Quite blurry:

Private kind of happiness:

North Korea atom-bomb launch:

Welcome to Estonia - where everybody hates you on daytime, but loves you at night. 

To Espirit with love.

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