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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why Estonian people fuck Finns? = Juho (juːhuː)

My friend had a difficult day on Monday with a job interview in London, that is why we needed to relax completely and not to allow anything upset us the next day.

The result of the evening - people went and came, but one Finn was rendered speechless and acted in the usual way because of having had too much alcohol.

Why Estonian people fuck Finns? 
We were classy as fuck, since we had a proper tea before levelling up.
I guess Whittard is not pleased to have this kind of promotion:

Screaming. Ordering. Pushing him on the edge.
He gave in, even though his mother said never to accept drinks from Estonians:

The start was overly humble, but the ending became rather humorous. 
Vodka, a chair and a little thyme for the taste = best cocktail ever:

The ultimate discovery = thyme is absolutely fabulous:

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