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Monday, April 22, 2013

Fuck Lappis part two

Few months ago I sat with Camille at our student house hallway and watched people leaving the building for party at Lappis (another student housing near uni). As we sat there 'forever alone' faces on, we came up with an idea to organise Fuck Lappis party. Here is a little flashback.

Like "Twilight sagas" have thought us - there will always come more, therefore on Friday we had the Fuck Lappis party episode II.

The evening for me began at my Finnish neighbour's place. Actually the house was swarmed with pre-parties on every floor in every room.
I will start and end the post with pictures of Ott, to show the evolvement of that evening:

Every girl should have her own special unicorn:

Even though the label has its point, the liquid inside the cup has no connection with it:

"What are you sitting there, woman, come to the kitchen and make us sandwiches."

The party was like family reunion, since long-lost relatives from Switzerland, Germany and Denmark came to visit:

Gentlemen love Starköl:

In Denmark, there is a legal right to engage sexual activity with an animal

We made a plan to go to Paris for a LAN party:

Drinking few beers until our laundry is done:

Guillaume is drinking 1664 beer which he thinks is shit, but feels obliged to drink it, because being French:

So many fucks were given that I was overwhelmed:

Charlie feels scared, because he is drunk and must catch the 4AM bus to the airport.
 Lithuania awaits:

After he returns from Lithuania, we are going to Estonia together. Excited!
Show ALL the things and buy ALL the alcohol:

Everyone should have their own Sean.
You could walk safely through dark alleys, because he scares the shit out of mischiefs. Also if you feel like having warm tea and watching quality porn, then you are never alone:


Bitches love elevators:

Sven felt like a princess and I felt like I had all the power in the world that evening:

We only had one fucking rule!:

Bitches love postboxes:

Two of them seem to know shit, one of the is clueless:

Something weird was going on in the house, while people were having good time on the ground floor, two guys were walking around the house and trying to get into rooms, also they smashed our 6th floor TV.
Luckily we felt safe, because we had these bodyguards:

"Mother, look what a big leaf!"

One hot piece of ass that just won't quit:

We felt like cowboys trying to catch bitches:

Intoxicated but happy:

East meets West:

Taadu ja mamma hakkavad koju minema:
click here if you dare to see more footages:

Midget with two big boys:

Friends in need are friends indeed:


I am never letting go!:

The happiest person at the party.
Everytime he saw someone, he screamed their name
"*insert name here*!!!!"

Gravity is such a heartless bitch:

Rule number 147 -
 If leaving the party, stay classy:

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