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Saturday, April 20, 2013

RBMA showcase - Onra at Kåken Stockholm 18.04

Even though on Thursday my long-lost friends came to visit our tribe in Stockholm, I could not resist the RBMA showcase at Kåken. Luckily Ott shares my emotions towards music, so we went with good mood and flask of rum. 
The place was super sweet and cozy, very Stockholm but nothing usual for such music. Actually I am composing a list about special features of Stockholm. Warning, it will be super subjective. Now back to RBMA.
I guess this time I have shitloads of pictures, since I was so female when it came to selection. Deal with it.

Hand up those, who have been meaning to eat more salad:

Even my cold icy heart started to melt at that romantic place:

"MPC is all I know. I am shit at everything else"
"The beat piece I wrote when I was super high from Thai weed."
The lecture/interview before the live:

The music ispired from Chinese samples, 80's American hip-hop, Bollywood samples and so on as the list is endless:

Gentlemen drinking beer and listening incisiveness: 

Then moving outside to an open terrance, yes, we have +9 degrees here and summer has arrived: 

Heja Sverige:

Ott was regular customer at the bar, as he was into Coca-Cola that day:

They keeping changing the taste of Coke, damn:

Hipsters everywhere:


Getting some fresh air:

The amazing girls dragged me on a dance-floor and said "Wow, du har verkligen rytm!" "Wow, you actually have rhythm!"
Yes, even white people can dance:

Even the trashiest rave-places look like this in Stockholm:


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