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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back in Sweden and Daughter at Debaser

Since I did not keep up with my uni assignments while in Estonia, I had rather tough first days back in Sweden. Own stupidity fucked me sideways. Reading about things I could not care less and interfering it all with thoughts about how the hell am I going to move all the shit I have here back home. Home...mmm.
Also long-waited spring came so suddenly, it hit me with its best shot.

I guess I have become babysitter 2013, as my children love me to bits. When my little girl fell at school, she managed to tell the teachers through hysterical crying that she needs me not her mom. Fafaffafafafaffaaaa. Anyways I love both of my new families, who have restored my faith in humankind. 
(The girl also has a three years long relationship, aww.)

My living-room two times a week or even more:

Proof for my family that I do eat here:

Proof for everyone that Finnish people do drink ISO beer:

I will start playing lottery to win loads of money. Then I will buy a television company just to give Eero his own TV show. After that I will retire and watch him at home everyday. Yes, he is that cool.
I have changed my thinking about the Finns. okou:

This is a Finn being overly happy and emotional.
Colourful internal life:

This was Debaser on the night when Daughter was preforming. The queue was massive, but we got in and enjoyed it to the maximum.
Behind Ott we can see the exhibit A:

Daughter! ! !
me laik laik laik laik laika!:

Bear's Den:

After it all high as a kite:

Music and love are irreplaceable in my life.

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