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Thursday, April 11, 2013

My friend Sven exploring Stockholm - ohne dich ist alles doof.

Maybe you remember my friend Sven, who was my neighbour the first half a year. Then he moved back to Germany and I cried a little. 
Today is his birthday. Luckily he came to visit me, so we could spend the day together.

Here is what we did:

We woke up and watched Estonian TV, 
he did not understand a thing, but maintained positive spirit:

We had an extraordinary birthday breakfast.
Since he had a cupcake already in his hand, I ate it all:

He wanted to inhale some fresh air at the balcony, so we did:

Go home hippy, Woodstock is over!:

203 makes people smile:

The newer train, he likes it:

The older train...he still seems to like it:

Proper tourist went sight-seeing.

Since I had to study at the library and Sven did not have anything to do, he started creeping people:

Tried to concetrate, but Sven was like
 "Me! Me! Me! Here! Here! Here!":

Still holding the cupcake. BRAVE!

Of course we had to wait like 15min for the bus and I was getting super pissed.
He was high as a kite:

ohne dich ist alles doof.

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