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Monday, September 30, 2013

Haššš & Emmm

Trying to avoid being a blabbermouth here, but I guess there's no fuzz anymore - I am working at H&M. Totally keeping myself close to Swedish mentality. In the matter of fact I applied for the job while still living in Stockholm. The idea of working at Lidingö H&M overgrew to Tallinn. Who would have known. Living on the edddge!
When I told my families, whom I babysat for, about my plans then after few tears and dissuasion (not at all trying to show here how awesome nanny I was) my boss/mother said "Jag skulle satsa på H&M som ger antagligen fler möjligheter för dig och du får tillfälle att klättra i hierarkin. Min bästa kompis arbetar där. Bara KÖR!" - True story, I say. That woman knew what she was talking about.
Now I will show you the opening madness or at least bits of it I managed to capture. 

Here is the big meeting before the VIP opening.
 Looks like we are at a funeral, however once you go black you never go back.

"To the battlefield!"


When you push it on a stick and serve it in small pieces, then everything seems more appealing: 

I got lost in the sea of managers:

Ze ladies:

Rocca Rolla:

Lips, the same colour as H&M sign, were almost mandatory:

Since the opening was a very finicky job, I stole some pictures from Caroline Sada and Stellarium:

The line up and I quote one radio show "Is this a beauty competition?":

Ladies and gentlemen. The proof that I was there:

Surprise, surprise I found the most pictures of these shiny people.
I managed to get them quite intoxicated, I hope, since they were the last one leaving/standing.
Good night it was:

Of course a little glass before we go-go.
We so deserved it:

Two days later the grand opening.

The story of our lives:

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